IB Math Studies

My teaching philosophy for Math Studies is that most of the content can be explored by the students and discovered for themselves. I am a huge proponent of the grading standards of IB Math Studies as well as the curriculum choices. My approach to each class is to have one day of content exploration followed by a second day of a more structured followup. Typically there are then a couple of classes that follow a more traditional teaching style but it’s based on the students misconceptions from the initial acvities versus a planned lecture. The final few days of each topic are spent on how to answer IB specific questions. Then they test. Below you will find example of introduction activities.

scatter plot regression intro activity

Smullyan_Raymond_-_What_is_the_Name_of_This_Book – I use a section of this book as an interesting fun way to do riddles and begin the logic thinking of truth tables. It’s fun to just give it to the kids and have them argue the knights and knaves section for 1 hour.