Workbook: Pivoting Out of Teaching

Teaching is the most important profession in the world. The people who do it are rare, special individuals. If you’ve spent any time in the classroom, you have my utmost respect.

There comes a time for many teachers when they will wonder how many more years they can serve, and how they might pivot to a different career.

There shouldn’t be a stigma about leaving the classroom. I hope this workbook makes it easier for you.

Pivoting Out of Teaching: A Practical Workbook

Purchase my workbook on how to pivot your career.

This is a 40-page workbook that guides you through everything you need to feel confident in your career decisions. Developed through countless conversations with other teachers, I’ve aggregated my best advice for you to feel comfortable with pivoting your career. While the workbook focuses on pivoting out of the classroom, this workbook can be applicable to anyone in search of a new career—not just teachers.

Table of Contents
1. Developing Your “Why”
2. What Route Is Best For You?
3. Resume Development
4. Networking Best Practices
5. Cover Letters
6. Interview Tips
7. Negotiating Your Offer/Navigating Obstacles
8. Transitioning In Your New Career

Personal Consulting

If the workbook is enough to get started but you are searching for more of a personal touch, please contact me for a quote on 1:1 career coaching. I do a 15 minute call to figure out if I can help then it’s $80 per hour for coaching after that. My particular niche is helping teachers get into software sales roles.

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